Commissioner Beck was born in Rigby, Idaho, and was raised working the land as an Idaho potato farmer. He’s attended both Boise State University and Brigham Young University where he studied Real Estate Finance and Business. His professional experience includes working with several real estate and marketing firms.

As a husband, father, and grandfather, Commissioner Beck’s commitment to future generations of Idaho has not gone unnoticed throughout his career in public service.

His pledge to help all people has been a major component of his time as Ada County Commissioner. He believes that property taxes are too high and is working to address the issue by limiting government spending where appropriate.

Commissioner Beck served in the Idaho State Legislature and during that time, he was elected by his peers as the State Senate Majority Leader. He also served as Chairman of the Human Resources Committee and as a member of the Commerce and Labor Committee, Education Committee, State Affairs Committee, Judiciary, and Rules Committee, Transportation Committee, Local Government and Tax Committee, and Joint Finance and Appropriation Committee. His major accomplishments include leadership in writing budgets for the state of Idaho as well as leading the successful push for major legislation on pension regulatory reform.

Commissioner Beck served as the Executive Director of the Idaho Housing and Finance Commission Association (IHFA). Their mission is to provide funding for affordable housing opportunities in Idaho for first-time homeowners as well as affordable housing to the communities most in need. In his time as Executive Director, Commissioner Beck strengthened the first Family Self-Sufficiency program in Idaho. This program educates families about affordable housing options, assists families with increasing their family income and enables them to become self-sufficient. He also developed the first public records system at IHFA and wrote legislation to remove the Idaho sales tax guarantee from all IHFA housing bonds.

Commissioner Beck’s political experience includes Regional Chairman of the Idaho Republican Party, Republican Precinct Committeeman, Delegate to many State Republican Party Conventions, Alternate Delegate to the 2012 National Republican Party Convention, and Delegate to the 2016 & 2020 National Republican Party Conventions. He led the 2016 Trump delegation from Idaho and served on the Credentials Committee.

As Chairman of the 2016 Trump for President Campaign in Idaho, he recruited a campaign chair in 43 of 44 counties leading up to the Primary election and directed the selection of Trump delegates to the 2016 Republican Party Convention and the 2020 Republican Party Convention.

Commissioner Beck’s mission is to advance a sensible approach to county government and to be a persuasive voice on the Commission promoting the proper role of county governance. His public service and governmental experience have gifted Commissioner Beck with the ability to manage and work with people of diverse backgrounds and interests. He has a proven ability to work effectively while under pressure, tackling the unpredictable challenges that surface with competence and conviction.

Commissioner Accomplishments

Commissioner Beck was elected to the Ada County Commission in November of 2020. In the short time he’s served the residents of Ada County, Commissioner Beck and his colleagues have achieved a number of notable accomplishments.

The homeowners of Ada County will receive property tax relief in the form of a $12 million property tax reduction, the first such reduction in 40 years, and a signature achievement of the Commission.

Commissioner Beck supported the appointment of Ada County Deputy Sheriff, Matt Clifford, to the position of Ada County Sheriff, an appointment that ensured the continued stability and strength of the sheriff’s office. He also supported the appointment of former Congressman Raul Labrador and Dr. Ryan Cole to the Central District Health Board. As board members, Labrador and Cole have been instrumental in helping reduce the conflict and rancor associated with pandemic activities and mandates. They have also helped to ensure the health board continues its primary function of overseeing restaurant and septic inspections as well as many other important, public health-related activities.

During Beck’s time as Chairperson of the Commission, the Ada County Fair was revitalized and reinstated. Commissioner Beck and his colleagues on the Commission hosted a very successful county fair enjoyed by thousands of residents and their families– a much-needed reprieve after a year of pandemic challenges.

The Commission and Commissioner Beck pursued a treatment-first approach to the growing homelessness issue in Ada County, ensuring that county funds are responsibly and effectively utilized supporting services on a county-wide basis. The goal of this approach is to motivate individuals to seek treatment first so that their chances of transitioning to independence are increased.

Commissioner Beck and his colleagues on the Commission recently approved the Ada County Landfill Agreement with LFG Development – a landmark agreement. The agreement results in a $1 million annual revenue boost to the county through the conversion of methane gas to renewable natural gas. This eco-friendly approach provides benefits to county residents by providing both new revenue and a new energy source county-wide.

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