Your Proven Conservative Ada County Commissioner

Rod Beck

Rod Beck has been married to his wife Rhonda for 45 years. He is a father to 3 daughters and 3 sons, and a grandfather to 17 grandchildren.

Rod Beck is a Proven Conservative who is consistently Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, and Pro-Education. He supports Free Markets, Limited Government, and wise Economic Development.

Rod Beck knows that property taxes in Ada County are too high and he is working diligently to fix the spending problems that have been driving up your taxes. Under Commissioner Beck’s leadership, Ada County was able to CUT property taxes by $12 million – the first such reduction in decades!

Ada County is thriving under the Wisdom and Experience provided by Ada County Commissioner Rod Beck.

Support Rod Beck for Ada County Commissioner

The Ada County Drug Court is changing lives for the better.
I had a excellent discussion with Ronald Reagan Republican Club of West Ada County Vice President Eric Robinson about the Ada County Commissioner’s work and responsibilities.

I greatly enjoyed talking with S. Max Brown on his Principles of Freedom Podcast. Listen below.

The video below provides some useful information regarding the functions of county government, but it also highlights some of the county’s more liberal aspirations. Please keep in mind that I am a conservative, so I do not endorse the scope or even existence of every program Ada County operates. Reducing property taxes requires cutting spending and that means finding the places where we can reduce and rightsize government without harming public health and safety.
Do you have ideas for reducing the size and scope of Ada County government? Please contact me and share your ideas. Thank you.